cape lb imageCommunities can be seen as living organisms. They can become physically affected with sickness and illnesses and even face social plagues such as drug abuse, violence or systemic poverty. However, these living organism can also find hope, strength, and healing by facing and addressing these challenges. They must first be willing to overcome and rise above what is and has been in order to tackle these difficulties. CAPE is a nonprofit organization that focuses on giving young adults in those communities the proper tools and resources for them to achieve academic excellence. We are focused on helping communities come together by providing a platform for students to finish and obtain a four year degree. Higher learning, we strongly believe, creates a new awareness which leads to positive changes and stronger community alliance.


Femail Asian StudentEducation is a gift that allows you to search and explore the mind making it possible for anyone to achieve a goal and reaching a promising future. Strength and talents are discovered when avenues are opened for students who choose to get on the road to success! CAPE is devoted to providing its beneficiaries with all the resources possible to help them reach their goals of attaining four-year degree. We value education not for the purpose of educating, but rather to fit them for life. Though the tides and storms in a person’s life may take them to different places… these individuals will remember their strength and roots in times of adversity. Through education we believe that a community can grow stronger by providing these new generations of scholars an opportunity to give back to their communities.

Promotion and Growth

CAPE is committed to keeping a vision towards promotion and growth. Our goal is to focus on tackling issues that deal with educational funding and support while utilizing strategies and building a strong community alliance. We offer urban young adults the tools and assistance needed in order for them to reach their utmost potential through higher education. We believe that every individual in their community is able to rise from the economic and financial burdens if that same community provides them with the support and encouragement to success in their goals. Cape is an organization on bringing communities together for a common goal.